Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The chill in th'soul.

Took a trip to the upper Mississippi. The first bite was being taken out of the vegetation: trees' leaves had lost the vibrancy of their green, and the lilypads were slowly dissolving into insect food.

Just so, we are life, too, and we have our autumns and then our winters. Spiritually, we may have many such seasons, perhaps, resulting in fruitful springs. Physically, our winter comes but exactly and precisely one time only.

When I feel the chilly wind of winter in my soul, do I understand what it means? Can I embrace winter's austerity as the prerequisite for spring?

And when I sense the wintertime of my body, have I laid aside all mortal sins, and prepared myself to be presented before the Lord?


  1. Now is the winter of your discontent! Your mortal soul itself is shedding like a leaf in autumn. Gone is the spring season of your soul. Oh we long for the summers that are now all gone. How sharper than a serpent's tooth is this winter wonderland? Welp as Jesus once said to the blog-writer who wrote nothing but lies and exaggerations "Cool story bro!"

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