Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mozart Festival, Woodstock, Illinois.

I went last weekend, and recommend it. Nazar Dzhuryn, soloist for Haydn's Cello Concerto №1, gave an intense, impressive performance. I had heard that piece several times before, but never noticed the depth of the cello solo.

There was also a saxophone soloist. There was actually only one Mozart piece, and some of the program sounded modern, such as the saxophone pieces. But it was a jazzy, witty modern, rather than an attempt at avant-garde.

The venue is a charming, intimate 19th c. opera house, on the town square. We had seats toward the bottom of the balcony, and I would recommend the lower balcony over the main floor seats (which are more expensive). Despite the lower price, the balcony provides an excellent view of the entire orchestra. Whereas, from what I could tell, people sitting in the main section could only see the musicians in the front.

There is one more weekend, Aug. 10-11. Recommended if you want to get out of Chicago for a day trip or weekend.

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